A Dead Falsehood Resurrected

A Dead Falsehood Resurrected By William G. Schell. Issue 18-52 (12-29-1898).       The millennium started in a false teacher by the name of Cerinthus who lived in the first century. In Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History, Book 3, chapter 28, is preserved a fragment from the writings of Caius, who lived about the close of the second […]

An Opposer Opposes Himself

An Opposer Opposes Himself By William G. Schell. Issue 18-38 (9-22-1898). THE following article appeared in the Wesleyan Methodist, dated August 10, 1898. It is a specimen of the productions from the pens of those who have exhausted their ingenuity opposing the ordinance of feet-washing. Feet-Washing. Among the fruitful crop of heresies, flourishing in certain […]

The Bible Christ

The Bible Christ By William G. Schell. Issue 18-37 (9-15-1898). “For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: but we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling-block, and unto the Greeks foolishness.”- 1st Corinthians 1: 22, 23. In the above text the apostle describes two great classes of people of […]

Perfect Holiness

Perfect Holiness By William G. Schell. Issue 18-27 (7-7-1898). MANY of those who are opposed to the doctrine of holiness, upon being convinced that it is obtainable in this life, fall to another God-dishonoring theory, that of a limited holiness. We hear them say, We believe that holiness is to be obtained in this life, […]

Holiness to be Obtained in This Life

Holiness to be Obtained in This Life By William G. Schell. Issue 18-26 (6-30-1898). THE sentiments of the last chapter establish the premises of this one. If we must obtain holiness before we can enter heaven, it is evident that we must obtain it in this life, because no change in our moral nature can […]

Holiness Our Only Hope of Heaven

Holiness Our Only Hope of Heaven By William G. Schell. Issue 18-25 (6-23-1898).       Before we inter into a further description of the subject of holiness, we desire to show the distinction between the words Sanctification and holiness, They have sometimes by holiness-teachers been considered perfect synonyms; and sometimes they have been held to contain […]

Present and Future Salvation

Present and Future Salvation By William G. Schell. Issue 18-24 (6-16-1898).       There are some texts of scripture that speak of a salvation in the future. In Romans 13: 11 Paul says, “Now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” That he is here speaking of a future salvation, even for Christians, cannot be […]

Draw The Lines

Draw the Lines By William G. Schell. Issue 18-22 (6-2-1898).       I feel the Spirit of God stirring my soul to write to the church universal concerning some matters of which we should all beware. By some means the Devil is determined to impose a spirit of compromise upon the holy remnant that has been […]